Do New Construction Homes Need an Inspection?

When buying an existing home, there’s hardly any question about whether you’d want to carry out a home inspection. Clearly, you’ll do your due diligence on the condition of the house before committing to purchasing it. But that decision might not seem as obvious when you’re purchasing a new construction home, and you might wonder: should you get an inspection for a brand new home?

Why You’ll Need an Inspection for a New Construction Home

In some instances, the building contractors might be working too fast and may build to the bare minimum of code. More frequently, they’ll be subcontracting out projects to different vendors whose diligence and competence may range significantly. Besides, contractors are human beings, and mistakes can just plainly happen. As such, you’ll need a home inspection to ensure you ascertain the property’s structure, systems, and safety soundness.

Common Home Inspection Issues Found in New Constructions

You’ll probably not find serious issues like faulty wiring or outdated plumbing, but new construction homes have flaws, which can include:

  • Drainage and grading issues
  • Plumbing issues such as open grounds, missing switch plates, or reversed hot/cold faucet handles
  • Structural defects including faulty grading, poor framing, or foundation cracks
  • Incomplete construction like railings, insulation, or missing fixtures

Is an Inspection Contingency Necessary When Buying a New Construction Home?

When buying a newly constructed house, it’s crucial to include an inspection contingency, allowing you to bring in an expert to approve the home’s condition. But the inspection contingency can be different for new construction than it is for existing homes. Often, sellers will agree to make repairs found in an inspection but will not allow a contingency to escape the sale. As such, the new construction home inspection is often for “informational purposes only.”

Yes! You Need a New Home Construction Inspection!

You should definitely not assume that your new house will be flawless simply because it’s new construction. That’s why it’s vital to carry out a new construction home inspection. To learn more about the reasons a new home needs an inspection, reach out to our team of real estate experts at (813) 773-5888 today!