Discovering Tampa’s Real Estate Gems: 11 Things to Look for in a Great Property

Whether you’re coming from another part of Florida or a completely different state, Tampa real estate offers exciting opportunities for home buyers. Search for these eleven elements of a great property to uncover the hidden gems in this competitive market.

11 Top Tampa Real Estate Features for Home Buyers

1. Livable Outdoor Space

Spending time outside in the beautiful weather all year is a primary perk for Tampa residents. If you like to relax under the stars in your yard or enjoy outdoor entertaining, find a home that has the necessary features. Look for finished outdoor spaces, spacious lanais, and even patio heaters and misters to provide climate control. Many properties feature expanded French doors to create a seamless flow between these two aspects of the home.

2. Ranch-Style Properties

Homeowners nationwide are seeking ways to make the most of their livable space. Ranch homes tend to cost less than multi-story homes with similar square footage. This footprint also gives homeowners the option to make the most of their outdoor space, one of the most common goals for Tampa real estate buyers.

3. Historic Inspiration

Particularly in the West Tampa Historic District, home buyers are looking for properties that reflect the city’s heritage. You’ll find wood-framed bungalows with large front porches, framed by distinctive Ionic columns on either side. Double-hung windows are another trademark characteristic of early 20th-century Florida architecture. Search a bit further from West Tampa in Macfarlane Park for a wealth of mid-century modern architecture.

Newly renovated properties in Tampa often draw from the traditional bungalow and Craftsman styles. They commonly have additions, updated roofs, and other modern touches. Homeowners are also looking for properties in the clean, minimal coastal contemporary aesthetic and stately, columned examples of Southern classic architecture with gabled roofs, balconies, and other romantic features.

4. Stunning Bay and Ocean Views

The city’s coastal location gives homeowners the chance to reside by the calming sound of the waves. Whether you’re looking for Tampa real estate right on the water or simply want to be able to gaze out on the bay, neighborhoods near the water draw many new residents to the city.

For homes with direct water access, boat docks with lifts are a popular amenity, so you can enjoy the serenity of a cruise at a moment’s notice. If it’s mostly the view you’re after, look for a property with floor-to-ceiling windows to make the most of it.

5. Saltwater Pools

You need a way to cool off in the central Florida heat. Many Tampa homeowners opt for saltwater pools over their chlorine counterparts. The water is gentle on your skin and clothing, without the classic chemical smell associated with swimming pools. In top-tier homes, many properties feature creative pool architecture like wraparound infinity designs.

Cold plunge pools are also becoming more common, both inside Tampa properties and outdoors as an addendum to a traditional pool. Wellness-conscious individuals use these pools for complete immersion in icy water, which some believe provides health benefits like better circulation and boosted mood.

6. High-End Kitchens

The kitchen area remains the heart of many Tampa homes, with open floor plans that let in the light and create an airy feel. You’ll also find upgraded amenities like induction cooktops, walk-in pantries, hand-crafted details like carved wood accents, and mixed materials such as silver and bronze together. Some homeowners opt for integrated water filtration systems, a convenient green feature that eliminates waste by reducing the need for plastic bottles.

Smart “second spaces” are a common feature of upgraded kitchens. They typically contain appliances, dishwashing areas, coffee bars, extra storage, cooling and warming drawers, and other features that you can keep out of sight when you have guests.

7. Gated Communities

If you prioritize privacy and security, consider purchasing property in one of Tampa’s many gated neighborhoods. In addition to enhanced peace of mind, many of these communities feature private access to exclusive features like golf courses, clubhouses, pools, fitness centers, tennis courts and walking paths.

8. Landscaping With Native Plants

Homeowners increasingly prefer properties that incorporate native Central Florida plants and grasses. This landscaping approach contributes biodiversity, encouraging pollinators like birds and bees to visit your garden. The popularity of native plants dovetails with a larger trend toward eco-friendly homes with sustainability features. Many properties have enchanting outdoor areas with features like hanging patio gardens and winding pathways.

9. Exposed Wood

If you’re in the market for a historic Tampa home, you’ll likely encounter the rustic beauty of exposed wood. Property owners often strip the paint from these fixtures to reveal the warmth of the original millwork. If you love this look, try to find a home that incorporates mahogany, maple, or walnut. You can also add wood in unexpected places, like as a kitchen backsplash.

10. Dark Exterior Hues

Many designers consider deep shades of charcoal, indigo, and even off-black to be the new neutrals when it comes to home design. For dramatic curb appeal, look for a property with a dark exterior. You can lean further into this trend with an unexpected pop of color (think a fuchsia front door). It’s bold, but perfect for homeowners who want to stand out in the neighborhood.

11. Multi-Family Properties

As more companies shift to a remote work model, many commercial buildings in downtown Tampa have been reimagined as luxury condo spaces. These communities often include sought-after features like outdoor space, restaurants, retail, swimming pools and fitness centers. Indoor and outdoor movie theaters are a popular addition that drives community interaction, a boon for young adults and singles who ​want to live in a social setting.

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